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Think Outside The Box Candle Making Kit

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Brand: A+B Designs
Embrace creativity and innovation with our 'Think Outside The Box' Custom Candle Making Kit. Craft personalized candles that reflect your unique style and imagination.

Each kit contains everything you need to craft your own creative candle design, including high-quality wax, fragrance oils and wicks. Whether you're a seasoned candle maker or trying your hand at it for the first time, our kit ensures a seamless and rewarding experience.

Illuminate your home with warmth and nostalgia, and gift your loved ones a token of affection that speaks volumes. Embrace the joy of custom creation with our Custom Candle Making Kit – because some memories deserve more than just a frame, they deserve to shine bright for eternity.Directions are straightforward: Remove the cap from the jar, heat in the microwave until wax is liquefied, add fragrance, stir, and refer to the Candle Making Instruction Card for further details.

Candle making is a fantastic family activity, so order now and start your journey to candle making heaven!

Each Candle Kit Includes:
- Candle Jar
- Choice of Essential Oil Fragrance Scent
- Bamboo Mixing Spoon
- Eco Lux Cotton Wick
- Wick Stickers
- Safety Labels
- Candle Making Instruction Card
- Easy Step-by-Step Candle Making Instructions

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