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Candle Making Kits

Learn the easiest way to make your own candles at home. The perfect handmade gift or DIY project to do alone or with your family + friends. Whether you're just starting at candle making, looking for a DIY activity to do at home, team building project or are a total pro, this DIY candle making kit makes it fun, easy and fulfilling to make your own candle and enjoy the aroma and warm ambient glow of your accomplishment. The step by step directions are simple and straightforward.

Our candle supplies are top of the line and proprietary to A+B Designs for we only offer the best quality fragrance and soy wax all sourced from the USA! You will be deeply impressed with the smell and burn quality of each candle!

  • Your candle kit will come in a gift box with all of your supplies and instruction cards.
  • Candle making is a great family activity to do at home, so order now and begin your journey to candle making heaven!


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