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Luxury Diffuser Package With Custom Logo

Available In 16 Colors
In stock
Product Details
Brand: A+B Designs

A+B Luxury Home Diffuser Line

Infuse your home with the aromas you love. Our luxury diffusers are designed to fragrance your space, making your home smell luxurious and inviting. Comforting and uplifting, we blend precious ingredients with pure functionality to enhance your downtime truly.

A+B luxury diffusers are perfect for welcoming guests into your home, making them an ideal housewarming gift for any hostess and a thoughtful addition to any gift basket. Each diffuser comes packaged in an elegant gift box, leaving a lasting impression and providing an unforgettable sensual experience.

Key Features:

  • Easy Scent Control: Customize the strength of the fragrance in your home by adding or removing reed sticks. When the scent begins to weaken, simply turn the reed sticks upside down for a refreshed, mild, and lasting fragrance.
  • Premium Components: Each package includes 5 luxury dacron reed sticks, an elegant custom glass vase, and a premium natural scented oil fragrance mixture.
  • Elegant Packaging: Comes with the option of a sophisticated gift box available in white or black, perfect for gifting.

Included in Each Package:

  • 5 Luxury Dacron Reed Sticks
  • Caps are for reed diffuser bottles. Each diffuser bottle comes with 12 plastic plugs, and your choice of colored cap: Silver, Gold, Black or White. (Rose Gold Cap: currently out of stock)
  • Elegant Custom Glass Colors: Choose from Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Lunar Grey, Matte Cashmere Cream, Matte Iced Coffee, Matte Scallop Shell, Matte Tapioca, Matte Lilac, Matte Peach, Gloss White, Gloss Lilac, Metallic Gold, Metallic Rose Gold, Metallic Silver, Iridescent Eluxa, Crystal Clear.
  • Premium Natural Scented Essential Oil Mixture (6.8 fl oz)


  • Our custom luxury diffuser package includes twelve diffusers in your choice of scent, featuring your custom-printed logo or design on a label of your choice. Opt for a full-color label or elevate the look with our Direct Transfer label, which provides a seamless, printed-on-glass appearance.
  • Simply upload your custom logo using the upload file option.
  • Receive a digital proof within 24-48 hours for your approval.

Fragrance Options:

  • Choose from a variety of natural fragrance oil air freshener scents to suit your preference. Each package of twelve can be customized with one chosen scent.

Dacron Reeds:

Color Options: White or Black Colored Reeds

Dacron Diffuser Reeds offer the latest technology in fragrance diffusers, delivering improved performance compared to standard rattan/reed sticks.

The Dacron Diffuser Reed is made from a synthetic fiber and compatible with both oil and water based diffuser liquids. They're designed not to bleed color into the diffuser liquid and are less likely to discolor, unlike the standard rattan/reed sticks commonly used diffusers.

Box Color Options:

  • White or Black


Bottom Diameter 3.30 inches approx. 8.4 cm approx.
Height 3.14 inches approx. 8 cm approx.
Weight 10.5 oz. approx. 300 g approx.
Elevate your home’s ambiance with the A+B Luxury Home Diffuser line, where luxury meets functionality, and create a personalized, aromatic haven in your living space, workspace, events and more.
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