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Custom Candle Making Kit From Your Bottle

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Brand: A+B Designs
Transform your special occasion bottle into a beautiful custom candle making kit with Ashley Blake Designs!

Here's how it works:

1. **Send Us Your Bottle**: Rinse out your bottle and wrap it securely with plenty of padding. Mark the box as "glass" or "fragile" and ship it to us at the address below:

Ashley Blake Designs
2603 Eagle Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051

2. **Custom Creation**: Our expert team will hand-cut and polish your bottle, respecting label position and safety. Your custom bottle will then be paired with your custom bottle of our premium coconut soy wax blend and natural fragrance oil of your choice.

3. **Receive Your Kit**: We'll ship back your custom bottle and candle-making kit for you to enjoy!

Our DIY candle-making kit is perfect for beginners and pros alike. Each kit includes all the supplies you need to create one luxury recycled candle:

- Custom cut 750ml wine or liquor bottle
- Choice of natural fragrance scent
- Bamboo mixing spoon
- Eco-lux cotton wick
- Wick stickers
- Safety labels
- Wick clips
- Candle making instruction card with easy step-by-step instructions

Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or a solo project, our DIY candle-making kit makes it easy and fulfilling to create your own candles. Order now and start your journey to candle-making heaven!

Looking for wholesale options? Check out our wholesale custom branded candle-making kits, ideal for corporate retreat activities, promotional gifts, birthday and wedding parties or private labeling. Contact us at for custom inquiries and take your candle-making experience to the next level!

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