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Custom Candle From Your Bottle

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Brand: A+B Designs
Transform your special occasion bottle into a beautiful custom candle[ with Ashley Blake Designs!

Here's how it works:

1. **Send Us Your Bottle**: Rinse out your bottle and wrap it securely with plenty of padding. Mark the box as "glass" or "fragile" and ship it to us at the address below:

Ashley Blake Designs
2603 Eagle Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051

2. **Custom Creation**: Our expert team will hand-cut and polish your bottle, respecting label position and safety. Your custom bottle will then be paired with our premium coconut soy wax blend and natural fragrance oil of your choice to create your custom memorable candle.

3. **Receive Your Candle**: We'll ship back your custom bottle and candle-making kit for you to enjoy!

If you're a winery or distillery interested in turning your empty bottles into custom candles for resale, we've got you covered! Contact us at for custom inquiries and discover how you can turn your trash into extra sales revenue. Let us help you add another gift revenue stream to your business with our custom candle-making solutions.

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