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Basic Candle Making Kit

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: 1 Candle Making Kit

Whether you're just starting or a total pro, this DIY kit makes it so easy to make your own candles and enjoy the aroma and warm glow they give off. The step by step directions are simple and straightforward.

  • Our candle supplies are top of the line and proprietary to M.A.D Candle co for we only offer the best quality fragrance and soy wax. Sourced all from the US, you will be deeply impressed with the smell and burn quality of these candles! We create thousands and thousands of candles with these same supplies every year.
  • So go ahead, don't be afraid to start! Order now and receive soon so you can begin your journey to candle making heaven!
This candle making kit makes twelve candles! This kit is perfect for beginners and has all the supplies you need to make great-smelling candles.

Choose your favorites scents within your candle making kit! CLICK HERE to see a full description of our top 50 candle fragrances!

What's in the kit:
  • 12 Glass Jars
  • 12 Lids
  • 5 lbs. MAD Candle co. Single Pour 100% SOY Wax
  • 12 ECO LUX Cotton Wicks
  • 12 Small Caution labels
  • 4 - NEW All Natural Mica Powder Color Additive
  • 5 - 1 oz. Custom M.A.D Fragrances
  • 1 4lb. Stainless Steel Wax Melting Pitcher
  • 1 Thermometer
What you'll need at home:
  • Scale, preferably digital
  • Paper towels
  • Newspaper, wax paper or aluminum foil to protect your work surface
  • Straw for easy wicking
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