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12 oz. Hexagon BLANK Jar Candle Package

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Product Details
UPC: 7653233287
Brand: A+B Designs
Illuminate your brand with our exclusive private label candle line! Collaborating closely with you, we craft a bespoke candle line tailored to your vision, from jar design to custom scent. Our A+B Designs luxury blank jar candles boast the highest grade natural soy coconut wax and natural fragrances, free from phthalates and parabens.

Embrace rustic elegance with our country chic hexagon 12 oz glass jar, offering a distinctive canvas for your private label candle. Available in sets of 12, this package presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand, kickstart your own candle line, or enhance your subscription box or gift baskets!

Each candle is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring quality and attention to detail. With no setup fee and a burn time of 60+ hours per candle, our set of 12 blank jar candles provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for your branding needs.

Material: Glass Hexagon Jar With Metal Lid In Black or Silver
Wax Capacity (to fill line): 10 oz

Harness the unique ability to evoke memories and emotions with Ashley Blake Designs custom formulated natural fragrance oils. A+B Designs creates high-quality fragrance oils that are formulated, specifically for use in candle, room spray, diffuser, soap and body products. Every single fragrance oil is developed for exceptional performance, during our candle making process, paired with our A+B all natural coconut soy wax blend. Be confident in your fragrance oils with our rigorous safety and performance testing by our in-house fragrance team.

Our ECO LUX wick is meticulously crafted to enhance your candle experience. Specially braided into a flat shape, this wick maintains a slight curl when burning. This unique design ensures that the tip of the wick is consistently positioned in the hottest part of the flame.

Experience the difference with our ECO LUX wick, designed to elevate your candle experience to new heights. Enjoy a cleaner burn, reduced smoking, and a more stable flame with every use."

The ultimate wood wick experience awaits with our ECO-friendly wooden wicks. Crafted from FSC Certified wood sourced from sustainable working mills and hand-crafted in the USA, these wooden wicks offer a clean-burning and unique alternative to traditional wicks.

Our wooden wicks are designed to provide a sensory and captivating flame, adding an extra dimension to your candle experience. To ensure optimal performance, always burn according to instructions provided.

Experience the warmth and crackling ambiance of our ECO-friendly wooden wicks, crafted with care for a cleaner and more sustainable burn.

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