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Luxury DIY Candle Making Kit

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Brand: A+B Designs

Discover the Joy of Candle Making with Our DIY Luxury Candle Making Kit!

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our DIY candle making kit offers the perfect way to create your own candles at home. It's an ideal handmade gift or DIY project to enjoy alone or with family and friends. With simple step-by-step directions, you'll find it fun, easy, and fulfilling to craft your own candle and bask in the aroma and warm ambient glow of your accomplishment.

At A+B Designs Candle Co., we take pride in offering top-of-the-line candle supplies sourced exclusively within the USA. Our kit includes the finest quality fragrance and soy coconut wax, ensuring you'll be deeply impressed by the smell and burn quality of your candles. Each kit comes beautifully packaged in a gift box with all the supplies and instruction cards you need.

Directions are straightforward: Remove the cap from the jar, heat in the microwave until the wax is completely liquefied, add fragrance, stir, and refer to the Candle Making Instruction Card for further details.

Candle making is a fantastic family activity, so order now and embark on your journey to candle making heaven!

Each Candle Kit Includes:

- Candle Jar
- Choice of Essential Oil Fragrance Scent
- Bamboo Mixing Spoon
- Eco Lux Cotton Wick
- Wick Stickers
- Safety Labels
- Wick Clips
- Candle Making Instruction Card

- Easy Step-by-Step Candle Making Instructions

Order your DIY Candle Making Kit today and start creating your own luxurious jar candle! Perfect for beginners, this kit has everything you need to make great-smelling candles.
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